Loyalty Plan

We’ve Got You Covered!

Our Loyalty Plan is an annual membership plan designed for those without dental insurance to receive the best quality care at an affordable price.

It’s easy to sign up for the Loyalty Plan. No approval is needed, and you can start treatment today!

Child Membership Plan

$409 /yr

Adult Membership Plan

$489 /yr

Periodontal Membership Plan

$589 /yr

Exams 2 per plan year 100%
Cleanings 2 per plan year 100%
Full-Mouth X-rays 1 every 5 years 100%
Bitewing X-rays 1 per plan year 100%
Fluoride 2 per plan year 100%
Sealants No Frequency 15%
Fillings No Frequency 15%
Build Ups No Frequency 15%
Crowns No Frequency 15%
Bridges No Frequency 15%
Implants No Frequency 15%
Scaling & Root Planing No Frequency 15%
Extractions No Frequency 15%
Dentures No Frequency 15%
Night Guards No Frequency 15%
Teeth Whitening No Frequency 15%
Nitrous Oxide Not Covered
Products Not Covered
Medications Not Covered
Annual Maximum NO YES
Annual Deductible NO YES
Pre-Authorizations NO OFTEN REQUIRED
Waiting Periods NO YES
Missing Tooth Clause NO MOST OF THE TIME
Claim Processing NO YES
Exclusions for Cosmetic Care NO YES