Lip- and Tongue-Ties

What You Need To Know

Lip- and tongue-ties are congenital conditions that limit the range of motion of the lips and tongue, respectively. As a result, many of our lip- and tongue-tie patients are infants. These conditions can make it difficult for the child to latch properly when feeding. Left untreated, a lip- or tongue-tie can affect speech, eating, breathing, sleeping, and appearance later in life. For example, a lip-tie can result in a gap between the upper front teeth. An adult with a tongue-tie may experience more severe issues, such as migraines, gum recession, jaw pain, or malocclusion.

What is a frenectomy?

What To Expect

A frenectomy corrects a lip- or tongue-tie. It is a simple, common procedure that is most often performed on infants. The frenum, which is the thin piece of tissue that connects the lips to the gums, is removed with a laser. Laser frenectomies also reduce bleeding and the risk of infection. The treatment itself is very fast, as is the recovery.

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Dr. Robles did a wonderful job with our newborn repairing her tongue and lip tie. She was gentle and kind and did a great job communicating what to expect. The procedure was quick and we had immediate relief from pain with breastfeeding. We can’t thank Dr. Robles enough for her services.


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Frenectomy Aftercare

Post-Treatment Recommendations

Frenectomy aftercare includes a series of exercises to perform at home. These exercises help patients achieve optimal results after the procedure by promoting healing and preventing the tissue from reattaching. We recommend you and your infant do these exercises six times a day for the first three weeks. Then the frequency will taper off in the fourth and final week. Don’t worry—you’re not expected to remember everything we tell you at the appointment. Your dentist will provide you with comprehensive aftercare instructions to take home, including what to watch out for and how to reach us if you suspect a problem.

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