Tongue Tie: What is it and Why Does My Baby Have It?

Signs and treatments for tongue tie

The tongue consists of an amazing group of muscles. These muscles work in harmony allowing us to properly chew, swallow, eat, speak, and breathe. In newborns, the tongue is crucial in palate development. Their tongue rests on the roof of their mouth and gently expands their upper palate as they grow. Your newborn’s tongue also…

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Bad Breath and Covering It Up Is an Epidemic in America

Kick bad breath for good

Want to know how to safely get rid of halitosis? Bad breath, or halitosis, and covering it up is an American epidemic. It’s one thing to get a late start one morning and forget to clean your teeth. But when you dutifully follow a good oral hygiene routine and still find yourself having to watch…

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Are You Among the 47% of American Adults With This Disease?

Are you at risk for gum disease

Understanding America’s Gum Disease Epidemic A whopping 47% of U.S. adults have periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, in some form—that’s roughly 64 million people. When you look at the statistics for people over 65, that percentage goes up to 70%. But that’s not even the most alarming thing.  Gum disease’s most dangerous statistic…

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Our Top 10 Tips for a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

Keep a healthy smile

Want a healthy smile? Try these helpful tips. A healthy smile is the most beautiful smile there is! Food will taste better. Conversation will flow effortlessly. And, overall, daily life will be all the more sweeter. So how can you make sure your smile is in the best shape? Try these top 10 tips from…

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Choose Between Whiter Teeth Now or While You Sleep

You can get whiter teeth while you sleep

Brighten your smile with Zoom! Whitening. Brighter, whiter teeth is a desire of many adults looking to freshen up their smile. Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry service and can also be an important step in a broader smile makeover treatment plan. There are a lot of options available that will give you…

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What is Myofunctional Therapy? A Brief Overview For Parents

Myofunctional therapy can help your child

How Dentists Treat Orofacial Disorders in Kids with Myofunctional Therapy As kids grow, their bodies are going through an incredible number of changes in a relatively short period of time. Sometimes this leads to the development of muscular or functional disorders relating to the face and mouth. These disorders are referred to as orofacial myofunctional…

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Learn About Your Options For Replacing Missing Teeth

You don't have to live with missing teeth

Prosthodontics Options for Tooth Loss It’s easy to take our teeth for granted when we know they’re meant to last forever. But they don’t last forever for everyone. Missing teeth are a common occurrence in the US, so it’s important that you understand the common reasons for tooth loss and the different treatment options available…

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