Restored confidence with dental bridges.

Restoring Function and Confidence: Dental Bridges as a Solution for Missing Teeth

Frequently Asked Questions About Bridges Dental bridges have long been a cornerstone of restorative dentistry, offering a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution to the problem of missing teeth. Today we'll ...
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Back to school dental exams.

Back to School: 5 Ways Dental Exams Are Good for Your Child’s Oral Well-Being

Preventive dentistry is an essential part of maintaining your child’s oral health and promoting healthy development. Routine dental exams are an important part of preventive dentistry and provide a wide ...
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Understanding tooth extraction

3 Things to Know About Tooth Extraction: What to Expect Before and After

To maintain good oral health, tooth extraction can sometimes be essential. Many patients must have a tooth extracted due to severe damage, decay, or other reasons. In fact, it is ...
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Cosmetic dentistry with dental bonding

5 Advantages of Dental Bonding: A Quick and Affordable Cosmetic Solution

Dental bonding, also known as composite or teeth bonding, is a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment designed to enhance your smile. This procedure involves the application of tooth-colored resin material to ...
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Get a smile makeover this summer!

7 Reasons That Summer Is the Best Time for a Smile Makeover

Summer is filled with vibrant colors, warm sunshine, and joyous moments captured through countless selfies. As we embark on fun adventures and create lasting memories, what better time than now ...
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Replace missing teeth with restorative dentistry.

The Next Step in Tooth Replacement: Choosing the Best Restorative Dentistry Option

Why restorative dentistry is necessary in replacing missing teeth. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, the importance of selecting the most suitable restorative dentistry option cannot be overstated. In ...
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Sleep apnea relief with myofunctional therapy

Do You Have Sleep Apnea? Your Dentist Can Help With Myofunctional Therapy

Sleep apnea is a prevalent sleep disorder affecting many individuals, with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) being the most common form. Studies indicate that OSAS predominantly impacts around 26% of ...
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Understanding restorative dentistry

Understanding Restorative Dentistry: Your Path to a Beautiful and Functional Smile

Restorative dentistry is vital in helping individuals achieve a beautiful smile and optimal oral functionality. From addressing damaged teeth to restoring missing ones, restorative dentistry focuses on improving the aesthetics ...
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Professional vs. DIY teeth whitening

Professional vs. DIY Teeth Whitening: Which is Right For You?

Based on information from the U.S. Census and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS), it’s estimated that 37 million Americans used tooth-whitening products in 2020. And, that figure is expected to ...
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Dental bonding to the rescue

5 Advantages of Dental Bonding for Damaged or Misshapen Teeth

You might not feel like smiling if you have damaged or misshapen teeth, especially in the front of your mouth. And it’s a sad, yet true fact, that our smiles ...
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What happens at a dental cleaning

What Does the Hygienist Actually Do in Your Mouth at a Cleaning?

A Dental Hygiene Visit: What You Need to Know Many people dread visiting the dentist, even if it's just for routine cleaning. Strange noises, prodding and poking, and occasional jaw ...
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Dental hygiene tips

10 Facts and Tips from Your Dental Hygienist in Chico, CA 

Dental Hygiene: During Your Visit and Beyond Visiting your dental hygienist regularly is crucial to maintaining healthy gums and teeth. If you visit the dental office every six months, you've ...
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